Business for sale!

Have you dreamt about your own company or do you want to purchase a property close to nature with a great potential? 

Now you have the chance to purchase a property in Swedish Lapland with the possibility to run your own company in the tourism business. 

The property contains of an apartment of three rooms, kitchen and a bathroom. The apartment can be used either as a private residence or as accommodation for your guests. The previous owner has been using it both as a private residence and as a bed & breakfast (B&B). All rooms can be locked with their own key and has a separate entrance from the main hall. The rooms has been turned in to their own fire cells and been sound proofed. The hallway and apartment is reached by an entrance on the side of the building. Today two rooms are decorated as bedrooms and the third room as a hobby/living/poker-room.

On the first floor there is a smaller office and a bigger kitchen with storage, fridges and freezer suitable for a café/ smaller restaurant and a bigger room that today is divided in to three parts. (Lounge, café/restaurant and a small shop). Here you will also find a storage/warehouse room. This whole part of the building can be reached either through the side door on the building or through its own entrance in the front of the building.

There is a basement with a laundry room, furnace room, guest toilet and four rooms with very good storage possibilities. One room is today used as a gym and there is 3 big freezers here.

There is also a big unfurnished attic with very good storage possibilities.

The property is 2168 m² and it is a lake property. Here is a wood heated sauna, BBQ possibilities and a bigger storage building with two floors. The sauna has panoramic window overlooking the lake in the right direction to be able to watch the Northern Lights if they occur.

There is also two separate lake lots (1690 m² + 1435 m²) that today is unbuilt containing threes and nature property that will be sold to the same buyer. All three properties of a total of 5293 m² is connected.

Possibility to take over a genuine wilderness cottage (Dolvor cottage) in road less country approximately 1 h from the main Lodge. The cottage is owned but is standing on leased ground right beside a fishing lake. The cottage is without electricity and water and is heated by an open fireplace with a recently mounted inlay for effective heating. The cottage is also decorated in wilderness style and is completely without neighbours – it is a true oasis.

The Lodge/cottage is today decorated in wilderness style and will partially be sold furnished and it is also possible to take over a great number of the inventory which makes it possible to start up a business very fast. 

Example of inventories that can be included in the purchase. This will be negotiated between the seller and the buyer. 

•17 snowmobiles
•Snowmobile overalls, helmets, boots, gloves etc.
•Stock of fishing and wilderness equipment (meant to be sold in the shop)
•Stock of other items meant to be sold in the shop (souvenirs etc.)
•Stainless steel benches in the café/restaurant kitchen
•Kitchen equipment (food preparing machines, porcelain, cutlery) etc. etc.
•Tables and chairs in the café
•TV’s (in the guest rooms)
•Open fireplaces (Bioethanol) in the lounge and all three rooms
•Laundry machine / dryer
•Furniture in wilderness style
•A number of decorations in form of elk horn, stuffed birds etc. etc.
•Boats, floating tubes, canoes, life wests
•Tents, sleeping bags etc.
•Older mini van (7 pax + driver)
•Fitness machine + equipment
•Front desk / bar / stools
•A number of other inventories 

Some examples of possible business opportunities: 

Fishing trips
Nice opportunities for both ice fishing and open water fishing with over 4000 lakes and 4 rivers in the area. 

Snowmobile safaris
The wilderness with road less country is behind the corner and it is possible to start your tour at the Lodge. 

Snowshoe hiking
The winter season offers a lot of snow and it is possible to hike out on snowshoes straight from the Lodge with your snowshoes to catch the northern lights. 

It is possible to take over the Lodge with a lot of equipment to be able to start up your own business. We have had both food approval as well as a licence to serve alcohol but it has now been cancelled due to the fact that the business is idle. 

Accommodation in cottage/s and bed & breakfast 

Photo tours / Northern Lights tours
Nature / wilderness and fantastic variations in seasons with northern lights in the winter and midnight sun in the summer makes the opportunities endless. 

Good hunting possibilities

Wildlife safaris
We have elk, bear and beaver as well as a great number of wildlife that can be watched in it’s naturally environment. 

Swedish Lapland is fantastic and is by many considered to be Europe’s last remaining wilderness. Here most waters are so pure that you can drink straight from them. In the region we have over 4000 lakes, 4 rivers and a number of smaller creeks and streams. Here you find “endless” of forest, nature and a rich wildlife. All four seasons offers its own unique charm and possibility.

Summer in Lapland with its amazing forests and green nature, with abundance of fish and of course long bright days and nights when the sun never sets. Talk about freedom when you can do whatever you want – when you want – without worrying about the clock. Eat when you are hungry, sleep when you are tired and activities right when you want.

Autumn when the nature is transformed with the magical autumn colours of orange reds and yellows and the forests and fields fill with mushrooms and berries and also of course the start of the hunting season.

Winter & spring with its amazing northern lights and beautiful winter landscapes. The activities could be ice fishing or husky and snowmobile safaris, skiing and snowshoe walking in the pristine nature with a break beside the warming fire. 

It is not strange that so many people visits our region every year and that the tourism is increasing and is an important part of the business up here.

Arvidsjaur is located in the heart of Swedish Lapland just south of the Arctic Circle. Outside Arvidsjaur there is an airport that makes it very easy to get here. During winter season there is a German airline that flies here with direct flights from Germany. You can fly here all year around from the whole world with a layover in Stockholm/Arlanda or via the airports located at the coast. By car you will get here through the European road E45.

In Arvidsjaur you will find all necessary services such as schools, grocery stores, health centre, bank, post office, restaurants, fitness centre and other stores. Approximately 1, 5 h to the east you will find the bigger coastal cities with all other necessary services. Approximately 1, 5 h to the west you will find the high mountain area if you are into mountain hiking and fishing.

In the region we have many more or less known sights and happenings just to mention some of them you have Storforsen (one of Europe’s greatest rapids), Trollforsen, cold spring and Reivo nature reserve. Reivo is with its 10 ha area Sweden’s largest wildwood nature reserve. Every year the famous winter market in Jokkmokk takes place.  

There has earlier been a company in the tourism business here that is still registered. It is only the Lodge/Cottage/buildings and part of the inventory that is for sale and not the company itself. The Lodge has some need of renovation and it is sold with non-liability clause.

For more information:

Phone +46 (0)761 35 98 91
Mail: thomas@wildernesslife.se
Real estate www.hemverket.se

Fiske- & naturäventyr i Lappland

Hos oss på Wilderness Life är aktiviteter & upplevelser i naturen i centrum och hos oss kan Ni delta i massor av olika äventyr som t.ex. snöskotersafaris, fiske och isfiske, snöskovandring, bushcraft & sruvival både på sommaren och vintern och jakt. Eller varför inte bara komma till vildmarken i Lappland för att slappna av och njuta av stillheten, naturen och livet?

Vi har valt att placera oss i Lappland som enligt många anses som Europas sista orörda vildmark. Här är de flesta vatten kristallklara och så rena att man i princip kan dricka direkt ur dem. I regionen finns över 4000 sjöar, 4 älvar och ”oändlighet” av skog, natur och vildmark med mycket rikt djurliv. Här kan Ni uppleva djuren och naturen i sin äkta miljö.

De platser & vatten som vi väljer för att genomföra just Era aktiviteter anpassas efter Era önskemål, så de mindre erfarna inte behöver komma allt för långt ifrån vägen, samtidigt som den som vill komma helt ut i vildmarken verkligen får göra det. Gemensamt för alla platser är dock att även om platsen är lättillgänglig och vägen till bilen är kort, så får alla ändå uppleva den äkta känslan av vildmarken och den orörda naturen.

Det är också viktigt för oss att alla som vill, får uppleva känslan av att vara för sig själv. Det är också därför vi har begränsade platser på våra aktiviteter och boendet.

Kort sagt – hos oss får dem som vill vara i fred vara det och dem som vill ha folk i närheten, får det fast i mindre skala.

Vår verksamhet håller i gång hela året så Ni väljer själva vilken årstid och typ av aktiviteter som passar Er. Alla årstiderna har sin charm och vi lovar att göra allt för att ni ska få en helt underbar semester att minnas.