Autumn in Lapland

Autumn vacation & holiday in Swedish Lapland

In the autumn season the nature in Lapland is transformed with the magical autumn colours of oranges, reds and yellows while the forests and fields fill with mushrooms and berries (primarily lingonberries, blueberries and some cloudberries). Since we are located north of Arvidsjaur, just south of the Arctic Circle, our autumn season is quite short and intense, and the first snow could arrive already in October. Fall offers a variety of exciting activities and experiences in the nature.

There are a number of activities that we can provide for the autumn season. You can find more information under the pages activities,  other activities and under packages, or contact us and we will help you to put together a memorable autumn vacation & holiday with us. 

No matter what activities suit you best, we offer a comfortable stay in our Wilderness Lodge which has a comfortable lounge with fireplace, a café with food & alcohol rights and nicely furnished rooms which have a real wilderness feel to them. We also offer accommodation in our wilderness cottages with their own unique locations.

Hunting in Lapland

Hunting season starts in the fall. In this time of year it is still possible to hunt on foot and all transportation between hunting grounds and accommodation, can still be done by car. It is also relatively effortless to find fuel for the fire and the days are still bright. This makes for a wonderful and exciting hunting experience in beautiful surroundings.

Bushcraft & Survival

Although we implement these courses and programs throughout the year, summer and fall are definitely the peak seasons for Bushcraft & Survival. The days are bright, the temperature pleasant and it is easy to build camps and move around. The fall offers an abundance of berries and mushrooms and great fishing. These autumn attributes give an exciting twist to the Bushcraft & Survival courses.

Berry Picking

Cloudberries, blueberries and lingonberries are usually in abundance in the autumn. To wander around in the forest or on a marsh and picking forests' delights, is for many a very relaxing and stress-relieving activity. We cannot offer organized berry picking activities, but can give you some great advice on where to look. If you live in our Wilderness Lodge, we would be able to make jam out of your picked berries, so you have something to take home with you.

Fishing in the wilderness

The fall season usually provides very good fishing up in northern Sweden. During the warm summer months, the fish have feasted on insects which are in abundance in that time of year. When the autumn comes and the waters cool down, the fish become more active which often leads to some exciting battles between big fish and fishermen. Why not try a guided fishing trip where an experienced guide takes you to the different fishing waters while you live in the wild?

Hiking in Lapland

Autumn is a very nice time to hike in the forests and fields. Experience nature's beautiful autumn colors and amazing sunrises and sunsets. It does not get too hot and because the mosquitoes and gnats are in smaller amounts, camping outside becomes much more pleasant and comfortable.

Jewelry Courses

Since these courses are held in our Wilderness Lodge, the weather does not matter. Let the beautiful autumn with its bright oranges and reds and yellows inspire you when you create your own jewelry in our comfortable Wilderness Lodge surrounded by nature and animals with the expert guidance of Rebecca.

Beside these activities there are a variety of other exciting activities and attractions. In short, everything that you need for a memorable vacation & holiday in Swedish Lapland.