Teambuilding in Lapland

Conference & Teambuilding

We offer excellent opportunities to hold your next conference or teambuilding activity with us.

In our Wilderness Lodge we offer conference opportunities close to the nature as well as food, accommodation and a sauna. We also provide conference equipment. The conference can be combined with our other activities, such as snowmobiling, bushcraft, fishing and hunting. Contact us with your needs and we will prepare a proposal tailored to your company.

Our Teambuilding activities are of course inspired by the beautiful nature and assembled to suit your company and your circumstances. As a former floorball coach at elite and national team level, Thomas has extensive experience in creating group dynamics and in strengthening the groups' collaboration. We know from experience that our activities of Bushcraft & Survival can be composed in a manner to form a very attractive teambuilding event. Contact us to discuss your needs and we will develop a solution that will strengthen your team.