Ice fishing with sled dogs in Lapland

                                                                                                                                                                      Picture by Nymånen

Ice Fishing & Husky Safari

Experience an authentic winter adventure with a combination of Husky Safari and Ice Fishing in this unbeatable package. The guide takes you to Reivo Lakes by dog sled, where we spend the day ice fishing and then spend the night in a true wilderness cottage. The trip takes you through a wonderful winter landscape. The experience of sitting in a sled while the beautiful winter scenery gushes by and the only thing you hear is the dogs' hard and eager work, is like a balm for the soul.

Siberian Huskies were first used by the native inhabitants of Siberia, who had a long tradition of traveling through the snowy landscapes. Today the dog sled tours have become a popular attraction. Try it for yourself and you will understand why. The husky safari is arranged by our partner who specializes in upscale dog sledding in Lapland's beautiful surroundings. The guides are experienced and have been doing this activity for many years on their farm, on which they have 40-50 Siberian huskies.

Ice Fishing is also a wonderful activity in itself. Experience true winter fishing when the guide takes you to the Reivo Lakes. The experience of the sun beaming in your face while you lay on a reindeer skin with an ice fishing rod in your hand, does something to your body and soul. It cannot be put into words and must be experienced by oneself before you will truly understand the serene feeling of ice fishing.


  • Ice fishing for grayling and trout in northern and southern Reivo Lakes with guide
  • Husky Safari (approximately 4 hours divided into 2 excursions)
  • Two nights accommodation in the Wilderness Lodge including breakfast
  • One night accommodation in a true wilderness cottage - Reivo Cottage including breakfast
  • Wood heated sauna
  • Lunch and dinner for the entire trip
  • Hot drink during fishing trip
  • Fishing equipment
  • Rent of snowshoes & winter overall

Not included

  • Flighst/travel
  • Insurances
  • Beverages


Day 1
You are accommodated in one of our wilderness guest rooms. Dinner is served in the Lodge and you have access to our Lounge and sauna where you can relax during the evening and prepare for tomorrow's adventure. You also have the possibility to buy refreshments and snacks etc. in the Wilderness Life Café and shop.

Day 2
After you have eaten breakfast in our Wilderness Café we prepare ourselves for the husky safari (approximately 2 hours) to the Reivo Lakes. After getting settled into the wilderness cottage the guide will start with drilling a hole in the ice and then you will fish together for a couple of hours. Your accommodation for the night will be at the Reivo cottage. The cottage is equipped with a wood-fired sauna which of course you will have access to throughout your stay. The brave ones amongst you can try it the Finnish way and roll around in the snow between sauna sessions – guaranteed an experience that gets the blood circulation going. Lunch and dinner will be consumed in the Reivo cottage and hot drinks will be provided for throughout the day.

Day 3
Breakfast and lunch will again be consumed in the Reivo cottage. We will spend a few more hours ice fishing in the Reivo Lakes after which the dog sled team picks us up to continue the husky safari (approximately 2 hours). The dogs will take us back to the Lodge by sled where dinner will be served. You will of course again have access to the Lounge and sauna where you can relax and discuss the day's adventures.

Day 4
Breakfast is served in the Wilderness café and then it is time for departure.

If you would like to extend your wilderness adventure with Wilderness Life, it is of course possible to book more days at the wilderness cottage or combine this Ice Fishing & Husky Safari package with our other winter packages. This gives you the opportunity to create your own winter vacation with exactly those activities you find most interesting.

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More information

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Number of participants
Min 2 people

From approximately December to the end of March (depending on the winter).

This package is a four-day package, it is however possible to add more fishing days at Reivo or to combine this package with our other winter packages for a longer vacation.

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