Fishing in Lapland

Fishing & Ice fishing in Lapland

Whether you are looking to fish for trout, grayling, arctic char, whitefish, perch or pike, they are all to be found in abundance in the waters around us. We offer ultimate fishing opportunities and experiences in the heart of Swedish Lapland, with good access to both food fish and trophy fish. Small ponds, lakes and creeks or major rivers and streams? The choice of water is yours. Fly fishing, spin fishing or bait fishing? We leave this entirely up to your taste and enjoyment. You choose what kind of fish, water and type of fishing you prefer and we will help you to get the maximum enjoyment out of your vacation with us.

There are over 4000 lakes, 4 rivers and many creeks in our region. Some of these waters are still waiting to be explored for the first time, while other waters are not visited frequently. It is therefore easy to understand what great fishing possibilities and big sized fish some of these waters hold.

Our fishing waters

Lodge Lakes

Dolvor Lake

Reivo Lakes

Fishing methods

In addition to our own waters, and the ones we recommendto our guests, there are endless of fishing opportunities in Arvidsjaur surroundings. We are at the disposal of our guests with everything from recommendations and ideas to complete tailored tours, guiding and packages.

We give you the option to fish in small forest ponds, lakes, small creeks, pools, streams and rivers. Fly fishing, spin fishing, bait fishing, angling or ice fishing? It is you, and of course the season, that decide what type of fishing you want to spend your time on. Are you an experienced fisherman that would like some assistance in finding the isolated waters that are rarely or never fished in? Or are you and maybe your family and children beginners who want to learn the art of fishing? Or maybe something in between? See our various package deals or contact us for a tailored package so we can make your travel experience and vacation with us into an unforgettable memory.

If you yourself do not have access to fishing equipment, it can be purchased or rented in our Wilderness Shop. In most of our fishing packages rental of fishing equipment is included.

Ice fishing

Species of Fish

With over 4000 lakes and multiple flowing waters in the municipality, there are many different species of fish. The species we ourselves mainly fish for are trout, grayling, char, whitefish, perch and none the least pike. So whether it is the salmon species or sizeable perch and pikes you are searching for, we can assist you with this. We offer a real fishing paradise in the heart of Lapland, with the possibility to catch your dream fish. Do not forget that fishing activities can also be combined with our own activities, other activities and/or attractions. We guarantee you will experience an unforgettable fishing vacation at Wilderness Life.