Fishing in Lapland


Whether you feel like fishing for trout, grayling, char, whitefish, perch, pike or even salmon, they can all be found in abundance in the waters around us. We offer good fishing opportunities and experience in the heart of Swedish Lapland, both for food fish and trophy fish. Do you prefer small or large lakes, ponds, streams or large rivers and streams? The choice of watercourse is up to you. Fly fishing, spin fishing or bait fishing? We leave this entirely up to your taste and preferences. You decide what type of fish, waters and fishing method you prefer.

There are more than 4000 lakes, 4 big rivers and many streams in our region. Many of these waters are still waiting to be explored for the first time - other waters are rarely visited. It is therefore easy to understand what great fishing opportunities and exceptional fish sizes some of these waters have to offer.

Ice fishing

Ice fishing is a popular sport in Lapland. In the times when there were no supermarkets, it was vital for every Swede to master this technique. Because only those who were able to get food on the table even at the lowest temperatures could survive. Even today, ice fishing is still very popular with all Swedes.

You can either go out on your own on the lake outside your front door, or take a guide who will take you on a snowmobile to find the most interesting fishing waters hidden deep under the snow.
Once there, you have to shovel some snow to get to the ice. Then muscle power is required: a hole must be drilled through the thick ice cover with a drill. With a trowel the water hole is now cleared of the ice chunks, the bait is put on the rod and wait. Care must be taken to ensure that the hole does not freeze up again after a short time.


Ice fishing
Rent an ice drill plus rod and bait 30 euros / each additional rod 10 euros

2h including equipment and guide 85CHF / 80 euros
3h including equipment, guide and snacks 125CHF / 120 euros

Guided ice fishing tour with snowmobile Price on request

Our fishing waters

The Dolvorsee gives a real wilderness feeling, far away from civilization. The Wildniss hut is located directly on the beach. The fishing rights for Dolvor Lake are reserved exclusively for our guests. who bought the Dolvor package so that you are guaranteed sole fishing rights during your stay. The lake is equipped with a canoe, but the water is also accessible from the shore, so you can choose between fly fishing, spin fishing or bait fishing.
This lake has a natural source of young trout, char, pike and perch. In addition, the lake also has many exciting bays and corners. Dolvor is about an hour's drive from our lodge and a 1 km hike from the nearest road. Solitude is guaranteed at this location in the wild, and you can even explore other waters in the area that few people visit.
This lake has a natural offspring of beautiful trout, char, pike and perch. In addition, the lake also has many exciting bays and corners.