Hunting in Lapland

Hunting in Lapland

During the hunting season we offer several hunting ground opportunities for small game. It is possible to hunt on your own or in smaller groups. Hike/sneak into the wilderness (in winter on snowshoes) or glide slowly forward on your skis while you scout for tracks. Maybe you prefer still-hunting to find a good spot and let the game come to you. It is your choice. The early hunting season offers autumns' brilliant forest colours while hunting in the winter offers mighty snowy landscapes and skiing or snowshoes.

Norr-Dottern, Arvidsjaur

Norr-Dottern, Arvidsjaur. 8000 hectare of wonderful wilderness hunting ground in Swedish Lapland. Here you can hunt for small game such as bird and hare. The hunting ground is so big that you don't have to be in the same area twice, unless you don't want to.

The hunting ground is located about 30 minutes drive from the Wilderness Lodge, about 20 minutes drive from the Reivo cottage and about 40 minutes drive from the Dolvor cottage.

Ståkke, Arjeplog

Ståkke, Arjeplog. 16,000 hectares of untouched pine forest. The hunting ground stretches from mountain hills above the tree line down to the forests and moors and is largely roadless land. Here you can hunt for small game such as capercailzie, black grouse, hazel grouse and hare.

The hunting ground is located about 30 minutes drive from Dolvor cottage and about an hour's drive from both our Wilderness Lodge and our Reivo cottage.

Most of the hunting ground is in roadless country but there are a few smaller forest roads which helps you to move from one part of the hunting ground to another. The small game is of good quality and the fauna has something for every taste. We are sure that you will get an experience of both nature and wildlife that you will remember.

With Wilderness Life you also have the possibillity of full-board at our Wilderness Lodge that also provides all the necessary conveniences that you could think of including our sauna and the Lounge, where you can relax in the evening with a whisky looking at the flames from the open fireplace. Your room is decorated in true wilderness style and here you also have the possibillity to enjoy the flames from a smaller open fireplace and get a good nights sleep so you are rested out before tomorrows hunting.

For the ones that would like to have even more solitude and a simpler environment we can recommend our wilderness cottages.

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If necessary we can arrange transit to/from the hunting ground and your accommodation (summer time by car and winter time by snowmobile). You will be responsible for the hunting while we arrange everything around your stay. Contact us if you are interested in hunting with local guides and possibly hunting dogs.

To be able to purchase our hunting package it is necessary to purchase the Swedish hunting permit. More information here » 

You will also need a valid hunting permit issued in your country as well as a weapons license, insurance and to obtain an import permit as well as a European weapons passport. More information here »  

More information about hunting in Sweden » and the Swedish Hunting period » 

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