Here in Lapland it is normal to have a snowmobile and also a car. This is not so unusual when you think about how much snow there is here in winter.
When the Sami are at work with their reindeer, trips to the fishing waters or just for the experience and pleasure, the snowmobile is part of everyday life here.

The snowmobile tours will take you through breathtaking and beautiful snowy landscapes while you absorb nature.
The ride on a snowmobile gives you a feeling of freedom and gets your adrenalin flowing.
We ride partly on official snowmobile trails and partly across the forest, over open land and across lakes.

Combine this adventure with a trip to hidden fishing waters where you can go ice fishing.

The minimum age to drive a snowmobile is 18 years, and you must have a valid driving licence. It is possible to join the tour as a passenger in the back seat.
Safety always comes first for us. The speed will be adapted to the terrain, snow conditions and the ability of the participants.


Short tour about 2 hours                                   170 Euro
Half day tour about 3 hours                               220 Euro
Half day tour plus 4 hours incl. snack                 260 Euro
Day tour 5-6 hours incl. lunch                           360 Euro

If you do not have suitable winter clothing yourself, Ihpnen Thermooverals are available.

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