Husky safari & tours in Lapland

Snowmobiling & Dogsledding in Swedish Lapland

Drive through the wilderness on a snowmobile in roadless country

Up here in Lapland, it is almost as common to have a snowmobile as it is to have a car. This is not so strange if you think about how much snow we get in the winter time and how much roadless country we have.

The snowmobile is a natural tool of transportation whether it is the Sami's work with their reindeer, transportation to fishing waters or just for the sake of the experience and enjoyment. We provide everything from private groups to big groups, from short trips to several days safaris. 

The Snowmobile Safaris will take you through breathtaking and amazing snowy landscapes and will often include a break with some hot beverages beside a warming campfire, while you take in the beautiful scenery. Why not combine this adventure by following your guide to the hidden fishing waters and make it an experience of a life time? See our winter packages here »  

The sled dogs pull you through a wonderful winter landscape

Our partner specializes in upscale dog sledding in Lapland's beautiful surroundings. The guides are experienced and have been doing this activity for many years on their farm, on which they have 40-50 Siberian huskies.

Siberian Huskies were first used by the native inhabitans of Siberia, who had a long tradition of traveling through the snowy landscapes. Today the dog sled tours have become a popular attraction. Try it for yourself and you will understand why.

You can participate from the beginning from when the experienced guides make the dogs and span ready. Experience when the dogs get impatient and can’t wait to get going. Participating in a dog sled tour is an action-packed activity. The snow whirls around the dogs' paws while they at full speed pull you forward in a beautiful winter landscape. During the adrenalizing dog sledding trip you will see both the enchanting snowy forest and large powerful open fields covered with snow.

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