Jewelry courses in Lapland

Jewelry Courses

Rebecca, who has been making jewelry for many years now, will be holding jewelry courses where you will learn how to make your own jewelry. This is a perfect alternative for the girls who maybe do not appreciate to be out in the woods every day. During these courses, she introduces you to techniques that are suitable for both beginners and for the more experienced jewelry makers.

For the less experienced jewelry enthusiasts, she teaches techniques such as simple beading, macramé and looping and for the experienced jewelry makers, she teaches the more advanced techniques such as woven jewelry, intricate macramé, intricate beading techniques and wire wrap techniques.

As with all of our courses and activities, this course can be adapted in pace and approach to suit both the beginners and experienced. Materials, equipment and the loan of tools are all included in the package so all you need to bring is high spirits and creativity. Jewelry courses are held in our Wilderness Lodge which means that beverages and snacks are close at hand. The jewelry that you make in these courses is of course yours to take home with you.