Summer in Lapland

Summer vacation & holiday in Swedish Lapland

The summer in Lapland & northern Sweden has long bright days and nights where the sun never sets. This phenomenon is called midnight sun or polar days. Since we are located north of Arvidsjaur, just south of the Arctic Circle, the midnight sun occurs around midsummer and lasts well into the month of July. This means that we have daylight all day long during most of the summer months (June, July and August). Because of these long days, the activities that we offer can be done at almost any time of the day and as our activities take place in the wilderness, you could not ask for a bigger feeling of freedom. Imagine a fishing trip or a hike in the middle of the night in broad daylight.
Below you will find a selection of the activities that we offer during the summer. You can read a more detailed description under activities, other activities or package. For more information contact us and we will help you to put together a memorable summer vacation & holiday with us. 

No matter what activities you chose, we can offer you a comfortable stay in our Wilderness Lodge. The lounge is equipped with a large fireplace and comfortable lounge chairs to help you relax after an activity filled day. Furthermore, all rooms are equipped with a small but cozy fireplace. Our sauna, which is located at a lake right outside of the Wilderness Lodge, is available to all of our guests, and our café, with alcohol rights, gives you the opportunity to book full-catering. It is also possible to book accommodation in our wilderness cottages with their unique and beautiful surroundings which will ensure you a wonderful nature experience.

Bushcraft & Survival

A century ago, humans lived close to nature on nature's terms. In today's modern society much of our ancestor’s knowledge and skills are forgotten. We will help you experience the old way of life and get in touch with nature in an informative and interesting way.
We offer courses in Bushcraft & Survival. Our courses are based on your own experience, knowledge and preferences, ranging from "basic living in the nature" to more advanced "hard core survival". The offered courses range from one day to a full week and have the theme Survival & Bushcraft knowledge. You will learn how to survive if you find yourself in a vulnerable situation until rescue arrives or you yourself find your way home. It will also teach you bushcraft skills for example how to create a pleasant and safe existence when you are out in the woods, whether it is on a hiking, fishing or hunting trip or something else entirely.

Hiking in Lapland

To put on your hiking shoes and head out into the wilderness gives you a sense of freedom that should be experienced by everyone. If you prefer to head out into the forest with compass and map or if you prefer to follow the hiking trails, we would be able to assist you with both. Maybe you would like to combine our guided hiking tour with some fishing or bushcraft or maybe both?

Fishing in Lapland

We have several interesting fishing waters where we can offer you exclusive fishing rights. We can also arrange guided tours in a variety of waters in our area of Lapland. Regardless of what type of fishing you like, what kind of fish species you are after or what kind of waters you prefer, Arvidsjaur surroundings will definitely be able to provide some exciting waters for you. We have put together a number of different fishing-packages but would also be able to make a more personal tailored vacation if this is what you prefer.

Berry Picking

In the summer months, the forests and marshes start filling up with different kinds of berries. There are usually an abundance of cloudberries, blueberries and lingonberries. Whether one takes the opportunity to pick them during a break while on a fishing trip, during a bushcraft course or just to provide for dessert after dinner, it tastes just as good. If you live in our Wilderness Lodge, we can help you to make jam out of your picked berries, so you have something to take home with you. 

Jewelry Courses

Whether it's the midnight sun, the nature or the wildlife that inspires you, our jewelry courses give you the opportunity to let your creativity flow under the guidance of our experienced jewelry maker.

Beside these activities which are provided by us there are a variety of other exciting activities and attractions in our surroundings. In short, everything that you need for a memorable summer vacation & holiday in Swedish Lapland.