Winter & spring in Lapland

Winter & Spring holiday in Swedish Lapland

Winter & spring in Lapland is equal to lots of snow, ice and freezing temperatures. Since we are located north of Arvidsjaur, just south of the Arctic Circle, our winter season is long and offers a wealth of exciting winter activities, beautiful winter scenery and the possibility to experience the northern lights. The Latin name for this phenomenon is Aurora Borealis and it is so beautiful you could imagine it was taken directly out of a fairy tale.

Since we are located so close to Arctic Circle, you really get to experience the midwinter darkness. But when the landscape is embedded in a white veil of snow, it does not feel so dark as it illuminates everything around you. A campfire with hot orange flames is even more beautiful during this time of year, whether it is outdoors or indoors at the fireplace.
Up here in the north, spring is a wonderful time of year when the sun and the light returns. While the days get longer and longer, animals and plants and the hole forest come back to life. The snow tends to stay well into spring which means that it is still possible to do winter activities in the spring time. 

Below you will find a list of activities that we offer either through ourselves or through our partners. You can read a more detailed description under activities, other activities or packages. For more information contact us and we will help you to put together a memorable winter or spring vacation & holiday with us.

No matter what activities you chose, we can offer you a comfortable stay in our Wilderness Lodge. The lounge is equipped with a large fireplace and comfortable lounge chairs to help you relax after an activity filled day. Furthermore, all rooms are equipped with a small but cozy fireplace. The sauna is also extra popular during this time of year and our café, with alcohol rights, gives you the opportunity to book full-catering. It is also possible to book accommodation in our wilderness cottages with their unique and beautiful surroundings which will ensure you a wonderful winter experience.

Snowmobile Tours in the Wilderness

Snowmobiling gives you a feeling of freedom, excitement and gets the adrenaline pumping while you at a comfortable speed drive over prepared snowmobile tracks that takes you through forest, open land and over ice. Up here in northern Sweden we have endless of roadless country and huge amounts of snow, so therefor a snowmobile is more essential than a car during this time of year. See our snowmobile packages here »

Ice Fishing

You can either head out on your own or you could let a guide take you on a snowmobile to find the interesting fishing waters that are hidden deep beneath the snow. Experience the sun beams in your face while you lay on a reindeer skin with an ice fishing rod in your hand. Those who have, say this does something to your body and soul. It cannot be put into words and must be experienced by oneself before you will truly understand the serene feeling of ice fishing. See our ice fishing and winter packages here »

Jewelry Course

From inside Wilderness Life Lodge's warm environment, you can let the spectacular winter landscape inspire you to create wonderful jewelry, all under the guidance of an experienced jewelry maker.

Bushcraft & Survival

For those of you who are not afraid of the snow and freezing temperatures, we offer our Bushcraft & Survival courses in arctic environment. Learn how to detect and prevent hypothermia or how to start a fire in even the roughest of weather in this spectacular winter landscape. Seldom are these skills as valuable as they are at this time of year.

Husky Tours in Lapland

The experience of sitting in a sled while the beautiful winter scenery gushes by and the only thing you hear is the dogs' hard and eager work, is like a balm for the soul. It often includes a break at a campfire with warm beverages. See our dog sled packages here » 

Snowshoe Hiking

Join us on a wonderful hike through the winter landscape on snowshoes. Either during the day so you can take in the amazing scenery or an evening hike where you will have the chance to experience the Northern Lights far away from the city lights.

Hunting in Lapland

Put on your snowshoes or skis and glide off into the wilderness on a true winter-hunting adventure. Is your backpack packed with supplies and are your spirits high, we can almost guarantee an experience to remember, regardless of hunting luck.

Beside these activities there are a variety of other exciting activities and attractions. In short, everything that you need for a memorable winter or spring vacation & holiday in Swedish Lapland.