Winter Tagesausflüge in Schwedisches Lappland

If you have booked your accommodation at the Wilderness Lodge, or elsewhere, you could compliment your stay with the following wonderfull winter activities. We have everything from snowmobiling to winter fishing. The Snowmobile Safaris take you through breathtaking and amazing snowy landscapes and will often include a break with some hot beverages. Why not combine this adventure by following your guide to the hidden fishing waters and make it an experience of a life time? These are fun adventure-filled activities for the entire family/group. We accommodate to both smaller groups as well as bigger groups. Note that standard day trips are open groups.

If you are looking for a more private and personal experience specifically for your group/family, please contact us for a tailored package. This way we can provide exactly what you are looking for as we can adjust speed and time according to your family/groups wishes.

We also provide full 4 day weekend packages filled with exciting activities such as ice fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoe hiking and dogsledding. These can be found under 'Winter'.

1. Snowmobile Safari Short.

Snowmobiling gives you a feeling of freedom, excitement and gets the adrenaline pumping while you at a comfortable speed drive over prepared snowmobile tracks that takes you through forest, open land and over ice. We will have a snack and a hot beverage in the nature while you take in the beautiful scenery.
        Duration: Approximately 2 hours including snack and hot beverage.

2. Snowmobile Safari Half Day.

Experience an authentic winter adventure where the guide takes you on a snowmobile safari in the Swedish wilderness. The Snowmobile Safari is a truly wonderful experience. It will take you through breathtaking and stunning snowy landscapes and will include a break with a snack and hot beverage in the nature while you take in the beautiful scenery. After the trip we will stop for a warm lunch.
        Duration: Approximately 4 hours including snack, hot beverage and lunch.

3. Snowmobile Safari Day.

Come join us for a Snowmobile day Safari where we drive through Swedish Lapland and all its beauty. Experience a genuine winter with snow, ice and frost while we drive into the forests, over ice and open fields. With any luck we will come across the wildlife that lives in Lapland, such as reindeer and elk. Snowmobiling gives you the possibility to visit areas that are not accessible during the rest of the year which makes it even more exciting. Throughout the day we will take two breaks, one for a snack and hot beverage in the nature while you take in the beautiful scenery and one where we stop to eat a warm lunch.
        Duration: Approximately 6 hours including snack, hot beverage and lunch.

4. Custom Snowmobile Trip.

For the more adventurous type we offer this special safari which is a customized safari especially for your group. This could be a several day safari where you sleep in a remote cabin or for the brave, in tents. Or maybe a mountain safari with its breathtaking views. You could also combine your snowmobile safari with one of our other activities such as ice fishing, snow shoe hiking or our wilderness day trip which would really make for an unforgettable trip.
        Duration: Customized. 

5. Snowmobile Safari Northern Lights.

The Northern Lights safari is an evening trip. There is something magical about driving through the snowy landscape in the dark where the only source of lights are the snowmobile lights and the moon. On this trip you really get to appreciate how the snow illuminates everything around you. We of course hope to see the majestic Northern Lights on this evening trip, if the weather permits it.
        Duration: Approximately 3 hours including snack and hot beverage (evening trip).

6. Ice Fishing Day Trip.

Experience true winter fishing where the guide takes you to the frozen lakes. The experience of the sun beaming in your face while you lay on a reindeer skin with an ice fishing rod in your hand, does something to your body and soul. It cannot be put into words and must be experienced by oneself before you will truly understand the serene feeling of ice fishing.
       Duration: Approximately 3,5 hours including snack and hot beverage. 

7. Snowshoe Hiking Trip.

Join us on a wonderful hike through the winter landscape on snowshoes. Either during the day so you can take in the amazing scenery or an evening hike where you will have the chance to experience the Northern Lights far away from the city lights.
       Duration: Approximately 2,5 hours including snack and hot beverage. 

8. Wilderness Day Trip.

Experience a genuine winter day with an experienced guide. Follow the guide into the wilderness where you will learn about basic survival, building a fire, ice fishing etc. An exciting day for the whole family or group which will be based on your own level of experience. We will during the day take a break to have hot beverages and eat lunch.
        Duration: Approximately 6 hours including snack, hot beverage and lunch. 

Travel & Accommodation.

There are several airlines, for ex NextJet and SAS, that fly to Arvidsjaur Airport (nearest to the Wilderness Lodge), Luleå Airport and Skellefteå Airport, usually via Stockholm Arlanda. Pro Sky has direct flights from Stuttgart, Germany to Arvidsjaur. FlyCar has direct flights from several German airports to Arvidsjaur.
Both FlyCar and Pro Sky have a flight schedule of friday/monday so it is easy to make a long weekend trip with some wonderful winter activities in Swedish Lapland. Pro Sky also has flights on other days, please contact them directly for more precise information.

Link to Pro Sky or contact them directly:
       - Daniel Kusenbach: +49 (0)221-9204426 : daniel.kusenbach(at)
       - Michael Rölle: +49 (0)221-9204413 : michael.roelle(at)
Link to FlyCar
Link to NextJet
Link to SAS

Accommodation can be arranged at Wilderness Life Lodge or at hotel Laponia in central Arvidsjaur.
Wilderness Life can arrange transfer to/from the airports to the Lodge, please contact us for more information. 

Please note the following:

  • Our snowmobile safaris take place in Swedish Lapland in true wilderness settings. The guides are experienced and our lead guides also have Nols WFA certifications, which guarantees you a safe experience.
  • All snowmobile drivers must have a valid driving license of some kind of motorized vehicles (mopeds, motorcycles, cars etc.). Younger participants and guest without a driving license have the possibility to join the snowmobile safaris as a passenger.
  • Winter overall and warm shoes can be borrowed at the Wilderness Lodge.
  • Snowmobile safari includes rental of helmets. Warm clothes and gloves must be brought.
  • Ice fishing includes equipment. Warm clothes and gloves must be brought.
  • Dinner at the Lodge includes a non-alcoholic drink.
  • Transfer to and from Arvidsjaur can be arranged.
  • Availability from approximately December to the middle of April (depending on the winter).

If you are interested in a complete weekend package which combine snowmobiling, ice fishing, snowshoe hiking and dogsledding, please have a look at our 'packages'. If you are looking for a longer vacation or something more tailored to your group/family, please contact us.