Canoe tour

Here in Lapland you can paddle for a day or two, or just for a few hours, on lakes or one of the many rivers in the region's fabulous nature.
From the water we see the nature of Sweden from a completely new perspective. The landscape is beautiful and wild!
Discover the breathtaking nature of the north on a canoe trip on lakes with countless bays and beautiful rivers. Combine a tour with fishing, a break at a cozy spot with a campfire - or a swim in the crystal clear waters. Explore the paradise on your own or accompanied by one of our guides. The tours are suitable for beginners, advanced and families.
You do not need to have any previous experience to take part in a canoe trip in northern Sweden.
If you don't have any experience: No problem; we will first give you practical instructions on what you need to know when canoeing in Lapland. So that you have fun, safety and the skills for a great adventure.