Sleddog tour

While you are being pulled by sled dogs through a beautiful winter landscape, you enjoy sitting on a sled and watching the wonderful winter landscape rush past you. The only thing you hear is the smile of the working dogs.
Our partners are specialized in dog sledding in Lapland's unique nature. The mushers are very experienced and have been practicing this activity for many years on their husky farm in our village, where they keep about 40 Siberian Huskies.
The Siberian Huskies were first used by the indigenous people of Siberia, who had a long tradition of travelling through the snowy landscapes. Today, dog sled tours have become a popular attraction. Try it yourself and you will understand why.

Be there from the beginning when the experienced mushers prepare the dogs and the team. Experience how the dogs are impatient and how they howl full of anticipation and can't wait until the tour finally starts. Take a seat on the sled and enjoy an approx. 15 km long passenger ride through a fairytale landscape. The snow swirls around the dogs' paws as they glide through a wonderful winter wonderland, crossing magical snow-covered forests as well as wide, open snow-covered plains and lakes.

200€/ 2000 Sek  duration ca 2h, ca 15km
125€/ 1250 Sek  kids till 12j