Survival Challenge i vildmarken

Wilderness Life Survival Challenge

During this adventure your survival skills are tested in a real wilderness environment. It allows you, under controlled conditions, to see if you have what it takes to survive in the wilderness and if you have the ability to make the right decisions in stressful situations.


Here you will experience a realistic scenario where you start at a certain point chosen by the instructor. You will have a backpack with only limited equipment.

An example of a scenario might be that you find yourself lost during a trip in the forest and you have to make a series of decisions. What time is it? Will I be able to find my way out by myself? What equipment do I have? Should I start moving towards what I think might be the way out or should I stay put and build an overnight shelter? In short, how do I survive until help finds me or I find my way out.

Another scenario might be that you are forced to find a suitable place to set up "camp" and "survive" until help arrives. Perhaps due to a wounded comrade who needs help to survive and cannot get out on their own.

Expect the unexpected

To make the scenario more realistic you will not know all the details and facts beforehand, these will be announced at the starting point. From the starting point you will only have access to the Wilderness Life predetermined equipment and this will be given to you together with the information about what scenario you are in and what the goal is.

These challenges can be conducted throughout the year and every season has their own pros and cons, just like in real life. At the same time the different seasons put different demands on you as a participant.

Instructor will be present during the entire sequence of events, but will stay in the background. In some cases, you will manage everything completely by yourself/yourselves and in some cases the instructor will ask you critical questions that will really challenge your thinking and decision-making. It might of course also be necessary for the instructor to step in and call off what you have considered doing for the sake of safety. New instructions connected to your specific scenario could also be presented to you at any moment throughout the trip.

All of the challenges are exercised under supervision and the participants will never expose themselves to any real survival situation.

When you sign up for the Survival Challenge you will receive a packing list of equipment that you are required to have with you. Some of the equipment will be provided by Wilderness Life.

The Survival Challenges are conducted and supervised by an experienced and certified instructor. Instruction is conducted in English or Swedish and a group must consist of a minimum of one participant over 18 years of age and the minimum for participation is 15 years of age. Participants under 18 years of age must either have their parent or guardian present, or their written permission.

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Min number of participants
Two people

Minimum of one participant over 18 years of age and the minimum for participation is 15 years of age  

All year round

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