Wilderness Life´s Personel

Thomas Turpeinen

Thomas is 43 years old and originally from Dalarna, Sweden. He has spent over 700 nights in a sleeping bag, on various adventures in the wild. He is an avid angler who soaked his first hook before the age of three and he is absolutely crazy about nature. Thomas is our lead instructor and guide for our courses and activities in the nature.

He has completed two certification programs in Bushcraft & Survival and is certified in wilderness medicine (NOLS) which qualifies him to take care of our guests in the safest and most responsible way. He speaks Swedish, Danish and English and has for many years been a floorball coach at elite and national team level, so the ability to communicate knowledge and to guide is close at hand.

Other guides and instructors & companies

Some of our courses, tours and activities will be held by hired instructors and guides. They are handpicked because of their expertise and local knowledge to maximize your experience with us.

Crossing Latitudes is NOLS WMI representatives in Scandinavia and holds a variety of Wilderness First Aid courses at different levels.

Read more about Crossing Latitudes here.

NOLS WMI is an American company that, among other things holds certifying courses in Wilderness First Aid.

Learn more about NOLS WMI here.

As the nature is vital for our business, it is important to us at Wilderness Life to be a member of the Swedish Ecotourism Society which is an association working for sustainable tourism.
"Ecotourism is responsible traveling that contributes to the protection of natural environments and the wellbeing of local populations." The International Ecotourism Society, 1992

Learn more about Ecotourism Society.

The Family

Our family also consists of the dogs Raya and Scooby and the Australian parakeets Joey and Apple.