About us

Wilderness life thats us, Team Huskytrek Manuela and Michael

We were born and grew up in Switzerland. Here in Lapland we have fulfilled a dream. It wasn't planned, but as luck would sometimes play, there is a chance. We have been together for over 10 years. Starting with 2 huskies, we now have a pack of 10 fur noses that belong to the family for us. The well-being and health of animals is always our top priority.
Due to our common interest in nature and animals as well as the desire for a professional change, we founded the Huskytrek company a few years ago. So turned the hobby into a profession. Everyone has their area of ??responsibility, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses but together we complement each other well and are a great team.
We are both busy learning Swedish.

Manuela Steinmann: I am 33, I come from the service sector and I am very keen to maintain contact with guests. My great passion besides dogs are horses and riding.
I speak German and English

Michael Raschle: I am 39, a trained truck driver and dog trainer. In addition to the dogs, I prefer to spend my free time fishing and canoeing.
I speak German and a little English

Cheyenne: Alaskan Malamut x Siberian Husky 2010
Shila: Alaskan Malamut x Siberian Husky 2010
Yukon: Siberian Husky 2011
Baiyok: Siberian Husky 2012
Balto, Luna and Alaska: 2014 / Siblings / Parents Shila + Yukon
Inuk: Siberian Husky 2015
Yakari: Siberian Husky 2017
Mäx: Siberian Husky 2017