What do sled dogs actually do in summer?
Although they like to relax and sunbathe, they also like to work at this time of year.
Hiking with Huskies, an incomparable experience.

Putting on your walking shoes and going out into the wilderness gives you a feeling of freedom that everyone should experience.
Explore the wilderness with our four-legged friends who are motivated to howl and are full of energy and power. Our trusting and cuddly fur noses are strong and reliable draught animals that are always happy to be stroked. Build up an intensive and close contact to your dog while hiking and become a team. Enjoy the harmony between humans, animals and nature. You will learn a lot of interesting facts about the care, keeping and work with the sled dogs. Equipped with a special abdominal belt and a leash, they have their hands free during the hike.

Possible destinations are: Grodkällan is a turquoise blue spring, the Reivo nature reserve with its authentic jungle landscapes, or the Trollforsen (the longest rapids in Europe).
Whether it's a hike of several hours over rough and smooth, or a leisurely exploration of nature with the family - everyone gets their money's worth here.