Wilderness Life in Lapland

Activities & experiences in the nature is our main focus here at Wilderness Life and you can enjoy adventures such as snowmobiling, fishing as well as icefishing, snowshoe hiking, bushcraft & survival both in winter as in summer, and hunting. Or why not just come to Lapland to relax and enjoy the tranquility, the nature and life?

We have chosen Lapland as our location, which many regard as Europe's last untouched wilderness. A lot of waters up here in Lapland are crystal clear and so pure that you could almost drink from them. The region has more than 4.000 lakes, 4 rivers and an endless amount of forest, nature and wilderness with an abundant of wildlife. Here you can experience the animals and nature in its real environment. 

The locations and waters that we choose where to carry out the activities that you book, will be carefully chosen to accommodate your needs and wishes, so the less experienced can stay closer to civilization while the more experienced have the possibility to really go deep into the wilderness. No matter which location is chosen, we will always offer the feeling of being in the wilderness with unspoiled nature and few or no traces of mankind. 

It is important to us that everyone who wants to experience the feeling of being by oneself have the opportunity to do this. This is the reason why we have limited spaces on our activities and in our accommodation. 

Our business is open all year round so you can choose which season and what type of activities suit you best. All seasons have their charm and we have something for everyone.