The lodge with B&B and café is open till mid of september

Activities & experiences in nature are our focus at Wilderness Life. You can enjoy and experience adventures like snowmobiling, ice fishing, snowshoeing with or without huskies, trekking with our huskies, fishing and canoeing. Of course you can also come to Lapland to relax and enjoy the peace, nature and life. Mainly in the cold season you can admire the northern lights - also called Aurora Borealis. The north is worth a visit at any time of the year.
Our Lodge - B&B with different accommodation possibilities is ideal as a base camp for your holidays.
We have chosen Lapland, considered by many as the last wilderness in Europe, as our location. Many waters here in Lapland are crystal clear. The region offers more than 4`000 lakes, 4 rivers, many creeks and endless areas where forest, nature and wilderness with a rich animal life prevail. Here you can experience nature as it really is and observe the animals in their natural habitat.

The locations and waters we choose to carry out your booked activities are selected to meet your needs and wishes as much as possible. Rather inexperienced people can stay a little closer to civilization, while those with a little more experience have the opportunity to go deep into the wilderness. No matter which location you choose, we will always give you the opportunity to be in the wilderness, in the middle of nature.

Whether as a family, couple or individual, everyone is welcome - we have something for everyone.